Diễn viên: Lina Romay, Olivier Mathot, Howard Vernon, Monica Swinn, Pamela Stanford, Nadine Pascal, Raymond Hardy, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Anna Gladysek, Richard Bigotini Thể loại: Hài Hước Quốc gia: Pháp
Nội dung:
The story opens with Celestine eluding arrest with a friend as the police raid a brothel. While hiding out in the hayloft of the Count de la Braquette's estate, she meets the hayseed handyman Sébastien and the butler Malou, who reward her favors with the offer of employment. In a manner recalling Terence Stamp's effect on the household in TEOREMA, Celestine's open and relaxed attitude toward sexuality has a transformative effect on the isolated, moribund inhabitants of the mansion, imbuing them with gift of renewed life for the men and women alike, that remains even after a third act twist that forces her to betray them.Xem phim Celestine, xem phim Celestine, xem phim Celestine, Celestine tap cuoi , tập cuối, Celestine tron bo, trọn bộ, Celestine, Celestine subviet, Celestine thuyet minh, thuyết minh, Celestine long tieng, lồng tiếng, review Celestine netflix, download, tải phim Celestine tap 1

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